• Arch. Dragos Isacescu

    Guest Speaker, Garden Iaz Peisagistica

    Arch. Dragos Isacescu

    Guest Speaker, Garden Iaz Peisagistica




    Landscaping – In the end it has to look like you’ve done nothing

    A complete make-over from an empty space to a natural landscape. The projects started from a desolated work site and working to a natural landscape filled with life that gives the inhabitants a total new perspective about living in a relaxing , healthy environment.

    With our main goal being that our touch over the land should be perceived as non-existing or strictly minimal , we have change the landscape , bringing new elements, and creating places that looks many years old, although they are new.


    I graduated Architecture in 2004. Ever since I worked together with my father doing landscapes , mostly private properties and houses . Due to a substantial age difference between us (41 years) we create a dynamic team, with different views and approaches, but the end result is unique. From pots, terraces and gardens to towers, holiday homes and cottages, our ideas lead to outcomes personalized for each recipient.

    Our philosophy centers on man. Man is the most important and landscaped spaces should be specially created for him. For this reason we believe that our approach is successful and our accomplishments speak of this. We believe that we have arranged spaces to represent more than just the sum of the elements that compose it.
    As the motto of our approach we found the following sentence: “In the end it has to look like you’ve done nothing.”

    This phrase defines the attempt to achieve a space where human intervention seems small or non-existent. The final appearance of the work should be one of a timeless space and as natural as possible.

    We like to think that there are no things we can not do, that there is something very hard to do but not impossible.