• Jesus Alberto Pulido Arcas

    Guest Speaker, RYUICHI ASHIZAWA ARCHITECTS & associates

    Jesus Alberto Pulido Arcas

    Guest Speaker, RYUICHI ASHIZAWA ARCHITECTS & associates



    “Factory on the Earth”

    The project is an extension of a factory, these building typologies since the 19th century have been given priority to rationality, Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects intends to change that by revolutionize and radicalize the idea of what makes a factory.
    By creating quality environments, the workers would not only enjoy the daily work but also feel proud.
    Utilizing nature’s power, RAA intends to minimize the production of harmful low carbon expelled to the environment.
    RAA from the start wanted to create a building that would value not only the environment, the surroundings but also the people that would be using it. The rationality of the typical factory would eventually disappear in the forest, the rational working spaces would become spaces that people could enjoy. Sustainable and natural spaces was RAA’s motivation to transform a factory that would be otherwise monotonous at the same time that improves and promotes production and motivation from the users.
    This is achieved by creating a large green roof, an extension of the ground floor that shelters the functions below. The roof functions with the environment becoming a natural part of it, water from the rain is gathered there and goes through the structure, light is reflected, the interior is isolated, Islamism, the religion of Malaysia invades the spaces, this interior is filled with a forest of pillars for the support of these structures. Energy is revitalized and re-used through natural and technological means. Natural ventilation enters through the multistory building which also is position in a way that would prevent solar impact in the offices rooms, when wind passes through the ponds, a cold breeze refreshes the spaces from the Malaysian heat.


    2016 ARCHDAILY BUILDING OF THE YEAR AWARD – Industrial Architecture
    2015 FuturArc Green Leadership Award in Commertial category (Singapore)
    2014 Re-thinking The Future Award (India)
    2014 The World Architecture Festival AWARD
    2014 LEAF Awards Shortlist
    2013 25th Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Associations award 1st Prize(JAPAN)